This Digital Delay effect pedal has much of the same genes as our other guitar effect pedals. Hand made right here in the UK.

The delay portion of the signal is digital however the direct signal is still analogue and unprocessed so you stay with the best tone throughout the effect pedal chain.

The knob ‘Mix’ allows you to mix the analogue signal with the delayed one. Of course you can still bypass the whole unit completely with the flick of the True Bypass switch.

The Time knob adjusts the spacings between the delay pongs. It ranges from a very short slap back delay (from 35ms) which could be cool to create a ‘room type’ sound or ‘rockabilly slap back’ like in the vintage days, or you can dial it out to get longer delay times (up to 650ms) to give you more grand width.

The Feedback pot will make adjustments from a single repeat to indefinite repeats. You can then create some very cool effects messing with feedback and time knobs to stretch the sound and get all sort of weird types of noises.

The whole circuitry is of the discrete type using the best components. (of course the digital processor is a chip).

Same robust metal enclosure with all the writing engraved distinctive to the Boo Instruments range.

7 day money back guarantee (less postage costs)
12 month repair warranty (less postage costs)

-Dimensions: 112x61x50mm
-Weight: 250g (+-10g)
-Current draw: <60mA(light up lid version)
-Power required: DC9V RAAD Power (center negative polarity)

(Light Up Lid versions can only be used with a power supply.)