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-Transparent boost pedal, no colouration at all. (What goes in, comes out but louder!)

-28db of extra volume! Mosfet transistor for the amplifier. Produces very natural clean sound.

-Suitable for electric, acoustic or bass guitars or any other instrument requiring clean boost. Frequency response is flat!!

-True bypass.

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We are now offering the Light Up Lid (aka bottom lit) modification! (select from drop down menu)

-Top components used throughout:

-Metal Film Resistors

-PANASONIC coupling capacitors

-Custom made audiophile potentiometer designed by BOO Instruments!

-LED lights up when pedal is on

-Writing engraved so can not be wiped off with use.

-Metal enclosure, specially finished and very robust!

-Works on 9v battery (standard unit) or 9VDC negative tip power supply (like Boss and 99% of other pedals)

-You can also use an 18V DC power supply (for even more clean headroom)

-Light Up Lid version can only be used with the power supply.

-12 month warranty with 1-3 days service time as standard!

-Please note that the front Logo is optional at our discretion and used only for illustration purposes and your pedal will come without the logo at the front.

-Dimensions: 112x61x50mm
-Weight: 250g (+-10g)
-Current draw: <20mA (standard) or <40mA(light up lid version)
-Power required: DC9V RAAD Power (center negative polarity)

7 day money back guarantee.(less postage costs)

12 month repair warranty.(less postage costs)

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