A truly classic pedal but with true bypass so it doesn’t degrade your tone when not in use.

Made in England by experienced professional manufacturers using only the best quality components throughout creating a discrete circuit that is second to none.

Runs of a standard Boss type DC power supply or 9v battery (standard unit only). We recommend the silent RAAD brand high quality power supplies.

Uses the famous original Tube Screamer JRC4558D Op Amp Chip as used in the vintage TS808!

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Due to popular demand we have extended the availability of this effect pedal and now it is available for purchase direct from our website.

NOW UPGRADED (Aug 2017) with a W Taper Pot on the Tone knob so the tone control is smooth and even.

This effect pedal produces a fat creamy tone suitable for a variety of genres. Fantastic for blues and rock, produces classic and tested sounds but with some useful improvements.

Light Up Lid versions can only be used with a power supply.

-Dimensions: 112x61x50mm
-Weight: 250g (+-10g)
-Current draw: <20mA (standard) or <40mA(light up lid version)
-Power required: DC9V RAAD Power (center negative polarity)

7 day money back guarantee.(less postage costs)

12 month repair warranty.(less postage costs)

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