Modeled on the classic phaser circuits such as the famous Boss PH-1r circuit but with some boutique improvements.

The Boo PH1R has an improved effect to bypass volume ratio (the original Boss was too loud when switched on)

(The circuit is also similar to MXR Phase 90 pedal so with the 3 knobs (rate, feed, depth) you can dial in a variety of tones)

-Top components used throughout
-Metal Film resistors
-Panasonic coupling capacitors
-Audiophile potentiometers
-Quality True Bypass Switch (no change in tone when the effect is not in use. What goes in comes out)
-3 knobs for multitude of settings
-All discrete circuitry
-Robust metal enclosure
-All writing engraved so will always remain visible.

A really great sounding phaser pedal capable of very slight phasing effect to a full out crazy pulsating phaser…

Only a very limited amount available.

Comes with 12 month warranty

Runs of a RAAD 9V negative center power supply (also compatible with all standard quality guitar pedal power supplies of 9V negative center.)

Dimensions: 112x60x50mm
Weight: 250 grams
Power Consumption: less than 25mA for standard, less than 40mA for Light Up Lid version

(Light Up Lid versions can only be used with a power supply.)